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Clicking Agent v3.93
ProXYZ v2.0

ProXYZ: Add fuel to your Clicking Agent!

ProXYZ v2.00

ProXYZ is a utility used to search for and verify proxy servers.
The proxies found with ProXYZ program can then be used for anonymous web surfing, or testing purposes by Internet companies, or in conjuction with other Internet utilities.
Searching for proxy servers with the ProXYZ utility can be done in two modes: IP range scanning and Web Search.
ProXYZ: Add fuel to your Clicking Agent copy

IP range scanning

  • Fast and reliable searches through a range of IP addresses in two steps:
    1. ping for the fastest check of IP address availability;
    2. test connect for the most reliable check of server type;
  • Saving successful and errorous results with error description to local files;
  • Sending successful results to user defined e-mail address;
  • Automating program startup;
  • Hiding program window;
  • Setting internet bandwidth load;
ProXYZ: Add fuel to your Clicking Agent copy

Web search

  • Retrieves proxy IP addresses and/or host names along with corresponding port numbers from web pages;
  • Fast and powerful content processing algorithm capable to retrieve proxies from any text or HTML file, no matter how complex its format is;
  • High algorithm fidelity. The program makes as little mistakes as possible when interpreting search results;
  • Has several ways to add custom source URLs to the search list:
    • Manual entry;
    • Copy and paste;
    • Drag and drop a link directly from Internet Explorer®;
    • Import from saved URL shortcuts;
  • Refines search results by automatically resolving host names to corresponding IP addresses;
  • Caches host names resolving results for faster processing;
  • Checks every found proxy server against existing ones and adds a new proxy to the list only if it's not there;
  • Go to any URL in the list just by double clicking it with your mouse;
  • Registered users get over 30 preset Web source URLs;

System requirements

  • Pentium level processor of at least 450 MHz
  • 32 Mb of RAM
  • Internet connection with a minimum 28.8 kBaud/sec speed
  • Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher
  • Windows 95SE/98/ME/XP or
    Windows NT 4SP3 or
    Windows 2000/2003 Server

Download demo version

Time limited evaluation version is available for download.

Demo version limitations:
  • You can use the program for 15 days. After this period you have to purchase or uninstall the program.
  • You can add only two custom URLs to the Web Search list.
  • The URLs that you add to the Web Search list are not saved when the program exits.
  • Demo version has only two predefined Web Source locations. The registered version has over ten.
  • Registered version comes with over 20 custom Web Source locations.


Purchase price is $35.00.
Some order processing fees may apply depending on payment method.

Registered users download

If you are a registered ProXYZ user you cn download the latest full version of the program by following the link below:

Save your time and money Register Today!
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