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ProXYZ v2.0

Click through to financial freedom!

Clicking Agent: The Danger to Sponsors

Take your chance, try to fool advertisement companies and earn money! This utility lets you automate the process of showing and clicking ads on your web-pages.

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Users Comments

Joe Mc. Hremlin

Joe Mc. Hremlin

"... This is the best clicker i've seen. I use it almost half a year and i'm very content with it, Caca helps me to get 500$ per month. That's Great!."

Gaia DiLoreto

Gaia DiLoreto

"We are computer consultants ourselves, and qualified to recommend one software over another. Caca is a HUGE help for fooling the sponsors, and a must-have program in our opinion. Our comments are completely unsolicited, and quite sincere."

Douglas R Scott

Douglas R Scott

"Although the documentation is minimal, and the author's web site has little additional information, the author himself is helpful, and the program is pretty easy to figure out."
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